Model Spotlight: TIFE

Sokunbi Boluwatife (TIFE),height 5’11. A model and fashion blogger, he’s a lover of entertainment generally. Was born in early 90s. Born in ogun state, bread and buttered in Lagos state. he’s good at what he loves doing most. he is very good and energetic. he’s very hard working and also optimistic about life. he always make good uses of any opportunity available. he is among the people who derive joy in empowering his fellow youth with the little orientation he has. LAGOSIANS, Now is the time for us to support our Tife to make his dreams of reaching to more youth a reality and to make us proud. he’s among the contestants for the NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL SUPER MODEL(NISM) representing LAGOS STATE, please kindly follow this link highlighted in blue Mr Nig Int’l “LAGOS”, like his picture and comment on it.

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An interview with a supermodel akintayo ogunkoya

Tayo ogunkoya is popularly known or let me just say famously known as “TY”, he is a UK based supermodel from nigeria, he’s really doing for himself in modelling and nigerian models like me*wink* look up to him really much cos uhmm… Let me just shut up so you could go through the short interview.

What’s your full name?
Akintayo ogunkoya

What educational qualifications do you have?

GSCE, Alevel in maths ,chemistry and physics , an Alevel in business and I have a degree in materials engineering at imperial college

You are one of the most prominent black models on and off the runway, what effect has it had on your career?

wow, its been amazing ,But i get a lot more direct bookings now , i booked a DKNY campaign based on doing the show , i think runway helps a lot !!

In your own opinion what does it take to succeed as a male model of color?

Patience ! i also have a tatoo that i live by : its on my left forearm and its the verse roman 8 ; 31 ,  its amazing look it up !!

What’s next for you after modelling career is done?

I almost got into presenting on E4 but you need a lot of screen experience, you never no were life is gonna take you, my journey is just starting , i’d enjoy the ride (laughs)

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Top Ten international supermodels reping Nigeria

It seems that so often we are caught up in the beauty and grace of our stars at home– Omotola, Genevieve, Agbani Darego to name a few.  But it is also important to give recognition to the beautiful Nigerian women abroad who are making a name for themselves and Nigeria as whole.  Here is the list of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Nigerian Women in America. 

(Ranking Scale: [10 -1] —– 1 Being the most beautiful)

10.  Aminat Ayinde first came on the scene as a participant in America’s next top model.  Her sleek high fashion figure and flawless black skin captivated the American judges who quickly learned to have an appreciation for the African beauty. 

Aminat Ayinde – Model

 9.  Many of us grew up listening to the smooth voice of this sultry singer.  She’s broken countless records album after album and has never failed to disappoint.  She makes Nigerians’ everywhere proud, as her music is played all around the globe.  Her beauty is only the tip of the iceberg when her extreme musical talent is put into consideration.

Sade – Singer

8.  22 year-old Adaora Akubilo was discovered at a Sports Illustrated swimsuit competition.  The Nigerian beauty wowed the judges with her natural Nigerian beauty.   Since being discovered Adaora has had countless ad campaigns in popular American magazines.  

Adaora Akubilo – Model


7.  Ebony beauty, Betty Adewole has been deemed the next biggest thing for high fashion.  She is signed to a well respected modeling agency and is now currently working the fashion runways across the globe.

Betty Adeyemo – Model

 6.  Glamour model Kemi Shade is known for her sleek figure and graceful photo spreads.  She is definitely a favorite among many.  

Kemi Shade – Model

5.  Commercial model Ronke Shonibare may be a familiar face to many women.  Her face can be seen in various pages of high end hair magazines or even on the cover of your favorite hair product.  What makes Ronke even more admirable is her success as a business owner of her own company.  She’s definitely breaking down barriers and setting new standards for Nigerian women everywhere.

Ronke Shonibare – Model/CEO

 4.  Tokumbo is an American born Nigerian currently residing and working the high fashion editiorial spreads and runways in London.  She is signed to one of the premier fashion agencies in London (FM Agency).  It is clear that this Nigerian beauty has natural and God given grace.  

Tokumbo Daniel – Model

3.  Jaws drop whenever this voluptuous and Nigerian Victoria’s Secret model struts down the runway exuding unbelievable class and sex appeal.

Oluchi Onweagba – Model


 2.  One can’t help but stare when they set their eyes on the striking Nigerian American high fashion model IB Oyerinde.  Currently, she most frequently works the fashion runways of Scotland and Italy.  She also made many appearances in New York’s legendary fashion week.    

IB Oyerinde – Model

1.  The number one pick is Nigeria’s new found golden girl.  She got her start on America’s Next Top Model.  She was known as the beautiful and proud Nigerian woman who wasn’t afraid to showcase her pride in her country and her culture.  People of all races and walks of life fell in love with Yaya all across America.  She launched her acting career shortly after, and has since been cast in several major motion movies in America.  Her natural hair and natural beauty never fail to put her in the spot light.  Last year was a big year for the Nigerian American actress, this year we’re expecting even bigger things from her.  We are proud to claim her!


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Background: my name is LIVINUS OSAKWUYE, I’m from delta state ike south “Agbor” last born out of eight , my parent are awesome.

Modelling: modelling has always been part of him ,but he started modelling 2013 by june last year and its has been good.
Fashion competition: There’s lots of competition in the modelling world ,A friend recommended the competition and told me to enroll. He said I have the potentials and I needed to come out for people to see what I possessed.

Challenges: There were challenges all the way, even though I had the support and love of my family.

Future: I want to take modelling as a full time jobs locally and international

Hairstyle: I love afro punk.

Beauty tips: I work out, every models workout. I got registered in a gym and I eat fruits to stay healthy but am not on diet and I do not starve myself either . I avoid fatty foods

Fashion : style is something that inspires me and makes me stand out . I also designs clothes then give its out to my tailors to sew them for me ,I love colours and I can mixed them well. I create my own style.

Hobbies: Travelling ,meeting people and listening to music .

Height: 6’3

Weight: 79kg

Waist: 33

Chest size: 38

Shoe size: 44

Phone no: +2348051476995

Bbpin :236ACDB1

Email Id :

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‪Junior Chamber International University of Ilorin introduces to you FASHION FOR HUMANITY 2014‬

‪FFH2014 is a fashion fair that serves as an avenue to develop, empower and encourage young people who are into Fashion designing and related industries. The event would feature activities like Photography Competition, Fashion Consultancy, Speech Contest and a host of many other fun activities.‬

‪Participation is open to models, students, fashion designers, stylists, hairstylists, accessory makers, volunteers, boutiques, brands, companies, etc.‬

‪The event also aims at raising awareness and funds for the promotion of Child Education. Hence, the theme: “Save the Future, Educate the Child”‬

‪The Event is scheduled for November 20-22, 2014. The Grand finale which is the Fashion show takes place on the last day of the event.‬

‪Junior Chamber International University of Ilorin is an affiliate of the JCI Worldwide and for 30 years, has been contributing to the advancement of her local community by providing opportunities for young people to develop new skills which would enable them contribute positively to their communities.‬

‪JCIN UNILORIN remains a focal point for empowerment, leadership development, community service and professionalism.‬

‪For Participation, Partnership, Sponsorship and Other Enquiries, Please Contact the Sales Team:‬

‪Balqis: 0809 709 3109

Taofiq: 0708 991 8212‬

‪Or Email:‬

‪P.S: Like our Facebook page: follow us on Twitter: @jci_unilorin

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MUSIC MEETS FASHION in Tai Solarin University of Education [TASUED]2014 is a five hours event that is packed with the right blend ofMusic and fashion.Music meets fashion is a first of its kind in Tai Solarin Universityof Education, Ijebu Ode. This event would feature individuals andbrands in the music and fashion industry under one roof to promotefashion and entrepreneurship in Ijebu Ode.
On the music scene, the guest artists are Oritse Femi, AdoL, Brymo,TASUED’s very own Koga Records Artist, Zayo. The fashion scene would feature the likes of Owanbe Clothing from Lagos as well as YomiCasuaL, House of Fushi and the host designer, House of Vestas showcasing their creations alongside clothes and accessories designers from TASUED and three other higher institutions in South-West, Nigeria such as Olabisi Onabanjo University, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic andBabcock University. The special guest of this first edition of MMF is the award winning actress and fashionista, Doris Simeon.
MMF 2014 would be hosted by the winner of Mr. Ideal Nigeria 2012,Abayomi Towase and Face of Agriculture 2013, Blessing Williams.To thrill the audience with rib cracking jokes, we have Mc Olympia, McBaffy and some other MCs.
There will also be side attractions fromartist and dancers within and outside Ijebu Ode.This event is packed with good music, breathtaking fashion designs,and above all exciting entertainment for our sponsors, fans and audience.

DATE: 22ND AUGUST, 2014.

VENUE: The School Auditorium (Formally OGD Hall), TASUED Campus,Ijagun, Ijebu-Ode.

GATE FEE: Regular – 500 | VIP – 1500 | Couple – 800 | Table for 5 – 20K.

TIME: Red Carpet – 11am | Main Event – 12noon.
P.S. – There will be an AFTER PARTY at HUSH Hotel, Ijebu Ode.

MUSIC Meets FASHION is a benchmark that will further promote a newdimension of fashion and style in TASUED and Ijebu Ode as a whole.

BE THERE!!!!!!!!For More Info: Add up 331F243A, 21F746E9.
Dial 08115160708 or 08068272020Ff
Twitter: @MMFswUni

Maximum Security Guaranteed by OP MESA.


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The Ladies Wardrobe and Exhibition 2014

The maiden edition of The Ladies Wardrobe and Exhibition 2014 is here. It will be taking place on the 24th of August in Lagos, Nigeria.
We have noticed that there is a gap between fashion stylists, fashion designers, models and make-up artists in the world of fashion especially in Nigeria and we feel the time is right for us to create that awareness to show the world that styling in Nigeria and beyond is here to stay.

The Ladies wardrobe and exhibition is a collaboration of Nine Eight Couture and House of TNT, It is a one day event aimed at bridging the gap between fashion designers, models, make-up artists and Fashion stylists.

It also serves as a platform for emerging stylists, fashion designers, make-up artists to network, connect and be recognized and also launch themselves in the fashion industry.

This event  is scheduled to feature over 10 fashion designers, 15 models, 5 stylists and make-up artists from across the country showcasing the creativity of the next generation of creative minds, also we are going to be featuring over 20 exhibitors that would come sell fashion related items.

It expects to have over 300 people including celebrity artists, designers, makeup artists, and a lot more  to watch the show and visit the exhibition. Show schedule will be released before the end of the month of July.

For other enquiries or if you would be interested in participating, you can send an email to  or
call: 07069460537,07080556189

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How a female Model should catwalk

Many women want to look, dress and be like a model. But to do that, you should first start walking like a model. While the women on the runway might make it look easy, strutting your stuff in 4-inch heels isn’t. It requires good posture, balance and technique – all of which take time to develop. So when it comes to making an impression on the catwalk, practice makes perfect!

It doesn’t matter if you’re comfortable. Choose the right shoes. If you’re not used to walking in heels, you’ll learn quickly. If the shoes are new, scratch the soles with scissors so that they will not slip when they touch the floor. Alternatively, you can cover the sole of the shoe with masking tape, if you don’t want to scratch your shoes. Whatever you do, don’t wear flip flops!

1.Learn to stand like a Supermodel. Practice your posture, throw your shoulders back and down, and push your hips slightly forward. It might create the illusion that you’re leaning forward a little, rather than leaning back in an unwelcoming pose. You should be able to balance a book on the top of your head.

2.Place the ball of your foot down first (not the toes), then your heel, but keep most of your weight balanced on the ball of your foot rather than on the heel. It may feel strange, but keeping much of your weight on the ball of the foot gives you more of an elegant stride than a clunky (stepped down) heel- weighted walk would. It’s almost like walking on your tippy-toes, the way ballerinas do, but more natural.

3.Put one foot in front of the other (literally). Toes should face forwards. Your footprints should form a zigzag. When done quickly, this gives the body that characteristic swing. Your ankles should never bump, this is painful and may make you fall!

4.Make your stride look long and controlled by lifting your legs almost in the same fashion a horse would while doing trotting leg extensions. For each stride, you want to lift your foot a good distance off the ground (with a bend in the knee) and then place it down a good distance in front of the supporting leg, with a stride longer than a normal walk would have. Don’t make your strides too large as this will make you look awkward and ungraceful, but make sure you take large enough steps, rather than just baby steps. Remember to turn with your hip. It’s hard to describe but easy to do.

5.Look straight forward, capturing the essence of the clothes you’re wearing with the expression on your face. Focus on an object straight ahead of you (but don’t stare at a viewer…that is creepy). Try to smize (smile with you eyes). This will give a fierce look to your face and to your walk. Keep your chin level and your eyes up – you want the spectators to see your face. Keep your head and shoulders still as your body moves down the runway. Your head and shoulder should feel a little like a sturdy coat hanger, and things should swing from there. Don’t swing your shoulders, and don’t over exagerate arm movements. Do make sure, however, that your hips swing more than they would usually. This may take some practice to look good. When the beats to your music are slower, swing your hips more and slow your pace. When you make your turn at the end, make sure your left foot is in front as you pause for a beat or double beat in your music. Your hips, shoulders, and feet should be facing the side of the runway as your head is turned to look straight on at the audience over your shoulder. After pausing or posing for a beat, pivot your feet back towards the curtain or glass, pick up your front foot first (your right foot), and continue walking. Make sure that your face is the last thing to turn away from the audience.

6.Fingers naturally fidget or fist up when you’re nervous, but don’t let them! It will be a bigger distraction than you realize. Just let them hang down, relaxed. Shaking your hands out before you walk will help your fingers relax and look more natural.

7.Develop your own signature walk. There’s no simple formula for walking the runway, and what will ultimately make you stand out is not only how well you can move your body but also how much of your own personality you can inject into your performance to make it memorable. The best way to create your own unique style is to experiment, practice, and get feedback (even if it means taking some constructive criticism).

8.Most importantly, you must walk and strut your stuff like you know you’re beautiful and you know that you’re smokin’ hot, and all the young men out there are going to be going crazy when they see you!. Self-doubt and low self-esteem can be damaging and there’s nothing prettier than a girl with confidence.

9.You could practice strutting like you mean it by listening to your iPod or mp3 player, or other musical device, put a hot song on and walk to the beat!

The following are helpful tips you should take into consideration

*Step gracefully, not like you’re marching.

*If you should trip, fall, or have any other unfortunate circumstance, recover gracefully. Smile, and keep going as if it never happened. Nothing will demonstrate your confidence like your performance under stressful circumstances.

*To make your face look pleasant and yet sophisticated, try to
“Smize”, meaning ‘smile with your eyes’.

*⁠Don’t move your arms or shoulders too much, and don’t move an arm more than you move the other, or it will look like you have only one arm that works.

*Videotape yourself walking, so you can understand what other people are seeing. Also, by keeping a visual record of your walk, you’ll be able to trace your progress as you learn how to strut your stuff like a real supermodel would.

*Don’t exaggerate by opening your eyes too much or lifting your legs too high while walking.

*Watch supermodels walk the walk. Visit fashion shows and watch them on TV. Who were the models that stood out the most? What made them unique? How was her walk different from the others’? Learn from the best so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You may trip. Catch yourself and brush it off.

*Keep your posture “H2T”, or Head to Toe; this means focusing on all parts of the body while modeling or walking

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Florals for spring/summer 2014: the new dawn of femininity

Either re imagined, reinvented, de constructed or simply painted in unconventional colours, you can always count on the iconic pattern to being brought up-to-date. In spring/summer 2014, the floral print acts in reassuring femininity, while teasing the more masculine influence. Spanning between the extremes, floral prints for spring 2014 go from super-subtle, to super-brassy, appearing modern while looking back at the nineties, clashing with other prints but always emerging as one perfectly polished conjunction.

So which styles to look for in spring

Last year they were dipped in the sweetest pastel shades, this year instead the pretty florals were painted in every colour imaginable, though retaining last season’s take on delicacy and subtlety.

How to wear delicate florals: opt for lightweight fabrics, ladylike silhouettes, and relaxed cuts. The most delicate of floral prints will be perfectly matched by sheer panels, feminine beauty looks, and layerings of soft knits as the temperature drops.

Vibrant blossoms.

Building upon last season’s more eccentric palette of colours, spring 2014 made it all about vibrant blossoms and unexpected clashes of strong hues. The bolder, the better, and the runways seemed to agree, choosing the vibrant florals to carefully redefine chic dresses, or retro-inspired jumpsuits.

How to wear vibrant florals: look out for bold prints in spring 2014′s key colours – the brighter the better. Cuts that have a daring touch are the ideal accompaniment: think plunging necklines, cinched in waists and thigh slits.

Dark florals.

Perhaps one would think that the floral prints are all about channeling the spring’s brighter spirit, often associated with lively patterns and cheerful colours. But if the past seasons thought us anything, is that the dark floral fantasies are equally able to represent the idea of rebirth, particularly when they are impressed on sheer fabrics and polished, yet feminine silhouettes.

How to wear dark florals: sleek hair and sporty details are the surprise addition to dark florals, away from the usual romantic associations. This spring, try your deeply hued floral prints with easy sandals and minimal makeup.

Mismatched florals.

With their increasing popularity that is sure to take every season by storm, we kind of got used to also expect the unexpected when it comes to the beautiful floral patterns. One aspect that stroke as new and fascinating on the spring 2014 runways, was the clash of floral prints used to define the same garment, often a dress, that was being built from various patterns sewn together.

How to wear clashing florals: recognise that you don’t need anything else to make a patchwork of prints a statement. With the right dress featuring mismatched florals, you can simply add a chic pair of heels and nothing else. If you want to patch the look together yourself, look for mismatching prints in complimentary colour ways so that they still gel together well.

Brush stroked florals.

Designers didn’t seem able to escape the artistic influence for spring 2014, which resulted in a myriad of brush stroke printed florals adorning everything in between ladylike dresses and lightweight outerwear. Exquisite and highly imaginative, these patterns hold onto uniqueness, encouraging the refined take on the perennial spring and summer trend.

Floral suits.

Harsh masculine lines, splendid floral prints: apparently they have little in common, but their coming together lead to one of the most beautiful examples of smart contrasts to have walked the spring 2014 runways. Channeling the best of two worlds, the floral suits are ready to infuse some strength into what is spring’s signature feminine splendor.

How to wear floral suiting: a suit in full pattern is bold in of itself, so go all out rather than try and tone it down. Look for sharp cuts, high shine fabrics, and bold prints. Relaxed pants make the look twice as effortless this summer.

Say it with flowers.

Say it loud and say it with flowers; florals and slogans have apparently found the way to coexist beautifully in the same garment, particularly if we’re to judge upon the examples we’ve seen ruling at Christian Dior. For something less forward but equally cool, the floral blocks make for an interesting take on the trend at Tania Taylor, while by choosing to pair the floral patterns with gorgeous floral embroideries, Alberta Ferretti lead us to rediscover the effortless kind of extraordinary.

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Colour Storm by Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

Colour Storm is the title of the SS2014 collection of one of the grande dames of Nigerian Fashion: Lanre Da Silva Ajayi. Her LDA label has continued to be stylish and elegant by integrating traditional silhouettes and prints and giving them a modern, innovative interpretation. This is definitely one of the designers where every woman would love to own a dress someday. Her designs are always feminine and sexy. I am in love with the first dress that combines print and sheer fabric.

Which look is your favorite?

Source: APIF

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